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Greetings from Slovenia

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Greetings from Slovenia

Messaggio  dottorboj il Lun 31 Mag 2010 - 18:27

I have received this from Slovenija:

Dear mr. Bojano

Im contacting you in the matter of our new millecento. Recently me and my father bought an 1953 millecento/103. It was abandoned on some farm in Tolmin/Slovenija. Car is undrivable, be we got additional spare parts, some of them in 2/3 pieces!!. As we decided to totally restore it ( as you can see on the added pictures, engine needs to be rebuild as the body work), we would be very grateful if you could help us about some info. As i understood some italian on the home page of the club, there is a fee of 45 eur to become a member. That does not represent any trouble if needed data and specifics of this model and repearing/ instruction manuals are available to get.

The plan is to get it into as much as we could original condition and as i made some research on net, some parts are missing, different or from newer models.

I would be very pleased if you could contact me back as the page of the club is in Italian and i have some troubles understanding it.

Greets from sLOVEnija

Andrej Jurak

If anyone can help him, please call us.
Socio Fondatore
Socio Fondatore

EtÓ : 47
Numero di messaggi : 1764
LocalitÓ : Salerno
Modello Fiat 1100 : 1100 D anno 1963 "Caterinetta"
Data d'iscrizione : 01.02.08

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Re: Greetings from Slovenia

Messaggio  1100inNZ il Lun 31 Mag 2010 - 21:16

Hello Andrej and welcome!

The Club/Forum is a great source of knowledge on all things 1100, so you have come to the right place! It also has members spread far and wide - I am on the other side of the world! - and another member (Luigino) is in South Africa... so feel free to communicate in English!

Alternatively, some members use google to translate their messages into Italian - it's not perfect but it can be ok, provided that the topic is not too detailed or technical!

Anyway, congratulations on your new Millecento and feel free to join in the discussions and ask questions... and of course it would be great to welcome you as a Club member!

Kind regards and best wishes


If you live in an English-speaking country and own a Millecento, join the Forum and get in touch!

Socio Onorario
Socio Onorario

EtÓ : 55
Numero di messaggi : 531
LocalitÓ : New Zealand/Nuova Zelanda
Modello Fiat 1100 : 1100-103 D - 1961
Data d'iscrizione : 30.01.08

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Re: Greetings from Slovenia

Messaggio  she_rif il Mar 1 Giu 2010 - 22:22



Where are you

I wish you all the conciliation

Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
Special User
Special User

EtÓ : 54
Numero di messaggi : 483
LocalitÓ : EGYPT
Modello Fiat 1100 : Fait 1100/103 D 1963-64 Egyptian Edition "NASR 1100"

Data d'iscrizione : 09.05.09

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Re: Greetings from Slovenia

Messaggio  Contenuto sponsorizzato

Contenuto sponsorizzato

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