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Bushes for Gear linkage, Control arms and Leaf springs

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Bushes for Gear linkage, Control arms and Leaf springs

Messaggio  LUIGINO GORI il Gio 26 Mar 2009 - 12:40

I thought I'll add some valuable information regarding the Gear Linkages, suspension bushes (control arms) and shackle pin bushes. Very Happy


There are 2 gear linkages that require servicing when the rubber bushes are worn. As a result it makes gear changing a bit more difficult, and the obvious gear grating/grinding. The easiset way to fix the problem, like I did, is to make up 4 new bushes from PTFE material, which lasts longer.

To replace the upper 2 bushes on the gear linkages near the steering box, is easy, but the other 2 bushes on the gear linkages near the gearbox are a bit more difficcult to get to. Make sure that you replace the split-pins, and washers if necessary.

Another common fault can be the gear lever drive rod bracket, which slides through the steering box, and the gear selector bracket on the gearbox which looks the same (if I can remember) as the bracket on the steering box.

The stroke of the gear lever angles on the steering column can also be adjusted by adjusting the length of the gear linkage ends from the steering box side, and by adjusting the main locking nut mounted on the steering column.

2) SUSPENSION BUSHES on control arms:

A common problem with the control arm bushes is that the rubber bushes also tend to wear with age, and as a result, excess play can be felt on the steering, and the front wheel camber changes to more negative.

The top bushes are fairly easy to change, but the bottom bushes require the coil spring to be tensioned to be able to loosen the bottom control arms.

I modified the worn control arm bushes by making 4 new bushes from PTF material. (For those without a lathe or necessary skills, a machne shop can machine new ones, see conclusion)


A common problem with the Leaf spring shackle pin bushes is that the rubber bushes also tend to wear with age, and as a result, a knocking sound can be heard if the bushes are worn bad, metal to metal contact, when going over bumps or turning corners.

There are 3 bushes on each leaf spring. 1 bush is the front main spring eye bush, and the other 2 are identical, known as shcakle pin bushes.

I modified the worn Leaf spring shackle pin bushes by making 3 new bushes from PTFE material.

To replace these bushes it will be necessary to remove the leaf springs.

Conclusion: Nota bene:

For all the gear linkage bushes, control arm bushes, and leaf spring bushes, the outer diameters of all the bushes should be a "PRESS FIT" into where they need to be located, and the inside diameters should all be a "SLIDING FIT"

I hope this will help with similar technical related problems. When I was in Ethiopia in 1998, I bought some control arm bushes and posted them home. My brother changed them. These control arm bushes did not last long because the rubber quality was too soft.

........another problem was the drive shaft coupling which I also bought in Ethiopia, I do see similar couplings on ebay, "no name brands". Anyway this couling, also did not last that long because the rubber was too soft. The original Pirelli couplings are the best.

Happy motoring Smile
Regards Luigino Cool
Special User
Special User

Età : 49
Numero di messaggi : 27
Modello Fiat 1100 : I am the proud owner of a 1965 FIAT 1100D, R.H.D, assembled in South Africa, which my father bought on 18th September 1965, and has been in the family ever since new.

In previous years, I owned another 2 FIAT 1100D cars and have become very passionate about these cars.

I have a lot of technical experience with these cars and my knowledge extends to my personal contact information and research with the Premier Automobiles Ltd in Kurla, Mumbai, where the FIAT 1100D was remanufactured as Premier Padmini.

During a trip to India in 2004, I did a lot of research on these cars and have taken very interesting photos, including the CNG gas conversion kit fitted to the taxis and the Premier 1.37D, which has a diesel engine, but not FIAT engine, it is a Peuqout engine.

In my travels throuhg Africa in 1998, I saw many old FIAT models in Ethiopia and Egypt.

My FIAT is mechanically 100%, although the bodywork needs to be restored.

I hope to share interesting thoughs on all FIAT 1100 models, and happy and proud to be a MILLECENTO member.

Ciao Luigino
Data d'iscrizione : 13.09.08

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Re: Bushes for Gear linkage, Control arms and Leaf springs

Messaggio  1100inNZ il Sab 4 Apr 2009 - 21:38

Excellent, Luigino... Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the best, John.

If you live in an English-speaking country and own a Millecento, join the Forum and get in touch!

Socio Onorario
Socio Onorario

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Località : New Zealand/Nuova Zelanda
Modello Fiat 1100 : 1100-103 D - 1961
Data d'iscrizione : 30.01.08

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