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Good old Fiats to vanish from Mumbai

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Good old Fiats to vanish from Mumbai

Messaggio  LUIGINO GORI il Dom 2 Mag 2010 - 16:53

Good old Fiats to vanish from Mumbai

Watch the special report on Fiat Padmini taxis which will be vanished from the city soon due to the government order of banning 15-yr-old vehicles. Sad
... (more info)
(less info)

I would like to post the following Indian broadcast from Youtube, regarding the Premier Padmini, license produced Fiat 1100D, now the Government of India has banned all Premier Padmini "taxis" which are older than 15 years old. The last Premier Padmini motor car to be manufactured was in the year, 2000.

What a pity, No I wonder where all the older models will go? Rolling Eyes

You have to be in Mumbai to feel the "energy" cheers that these cars and their owners reveal.

see link web address: and

regards Luigino Neutral
Special User
Special User

EtÓ : 49
Numero di messaggi : 27
Modello Fiat 1100 : I am the proud owner of a 1965 FIAT 1100D, R.H.D, assembled in South Africa, which my father bought on 18th September 1965, and has been in the family ever since new.

In previous years, I owned another 2 FIAT 1100D cars and have become very passionate about these cars.

I have a lot of technical experience with these cars and my knowledge extends to my personal contact information and research with the Premier Automobiles Ltd in Kurla, Mumbai, where the FIAT 1100D was remanufactured as Premier Padmini.

During a trip to India in 2004, I did a lot of research on these cars and have taken very interesting photos, including the CNG gas conversion kit fitted to the taxis and the Premier 1.37D, which has a diesel engine, but not FIAT engine, it is a Peuqout engine.

In my travels throuhg Africa in 1998, I saw many old FIAT models in Ethiopia and Egypt.

My FIAT is mechanically 100%, although the bodywork needs to be restored.

I hope to share interesting thoughs on all FIAT 1100 models, and happy and proud to be a MILLECENTO member.

Ciao Luigino
Data d'iscrizione : 13.09.08

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Re: Good old Fiats to vanish from Mumbai

Messaggio  skadett66 il Dom 2 Mag 2010 - 20:00

as often happens
governments issue unpopular measures

is spectacular
seeing all those Padmini
that populate the streets

regard, gianni

EtÓ : 52
Numero di messaggi : 1618
LocalitÓ : taranto
Modello Fiat 1100 : 1100 Special 1962
Data d'iscrizione : 18.11.07

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Re: Good old Fiats to vanish from Mumbai

Messaggio  1100inNZ il Mar 4 Mag 2010 - 22:03

Very interesting, thanks Luigino. It's the end of an era... bit sad as old vehicles always help to provide interest and atmosphere - like the old London taxis and doubledecker buses... Hopefully some will be kept as private cars and gradually restored. I think there is quite a bit of interest in Fiats in India, inc older models...

Anyway, thanks again and all the best, John.

If you live in an English-speaking country and own a Millecento, join the Forum and get in touch!

Socio Onorario
Socio Onorario

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Numero di messaggi : 531
LocalitÓ : New Zealand/Nuova Zelanda
Modello Fiat 1100 : 1100-103 D - 1961
Data d'iscrizione : 30.01.08

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Re: Good old Fiats to vanish from Mumbai

Messaggio  willbilly il Lun 11 Apr 2011 - 4:49

I wouldn't worry too much. I have many friends from India who went crazy over the Gran Luce I dragged home...I'm willing to bet the little Padminis will find good homes.


Numero di messaggi : 1
LocalitÓ : Dallas, Texas
Data d'iscrizione : 11.04.11

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Re: Good old Fiats to vanish from Mumbai

Messaggio  she_rif il Dom 17 Apr 2011 - 20:12

Sad Sad Sad Sad Sad
If it happened in Egypt
Be very, very sad
Special User
Special User

EtÓ : 54
Numero di messaggi : 483
LocalitÓ : EGYPT
Modello Fiat 1100 : Fait 1100/103 D 1963-64 Egyptian Edition "NASR 1100"

Data d'iscrizione : 09.05.09

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Re: Good old Fiats to vanish from Mumbai

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Contenuto sponsorizzato

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